Mark Your Calendars! - Carpool Week, March 19 - 22. 

Chances to Win All Week!

  • Monday & Thursday - Word of the Day. KSPN, KNFO, LIFT and La Nueva Mix will ask for the word of the day. This is the carpool pass code written on the carpool pass. When prompted, call the station with the word of the day. First caller wins a car wash!*
  • Tuesday - Carpool Prizes at the Kiosk. From 6:30am - 9:30am carpoolers will receive prizes while getting the daily carpool pass from the Parking Kiosk. Prizes include travel mugs, ice scrapers and a chance to win a car wash or lunch for your carpool crew. 
  • Wednesday - Carpool Patrol. Listen to KSPN, KNFO, LIFT or La Nueva Mix for your license plate number. Call to claim your prize!*

*Times to tune in - 

    • KSPN – Morning drive, Lunchtime & Evening drive
    • KNFO – David Bach’s Show
    • La Nueva – Axels’s Show
    • LIFT – Morning Drive.
 For event poster, click here.